DISA is the leading company in the distribution of petroleum products (such as petrol, diesel and butane and propane gases) in the Canary Islands, the fifth largest operator of service stations in Spain and the biggest independent operator.

It is the largest group in the Canary Islands in terms of turnover – 2.4 billion euros in 2013 – and has 544 service stations, of which 202 are found on the Canary Islands and 342 on the Spanish Peninsula and in Ceuta and Melilla. It is also one of the drivers of development and momentum in the economy of the Islands, being one of the main employers in the archipelago with more than 1,500 direct jobs and almost 2,000 indirect jobs in the Canary Islands alone. Nationwide it has 2,560 employees.

Service Stations

DISA sells fuel at service stations and has a wide network of points of sale for diesel, fuel oils, lubricants and asphalts to direct clients nationwide.

At present it has 545 service stations, 202 in the Canary Islands, most of which are branded as DISA, and 343 on the Spanish Peninsula, and in Ceuta and Melilla, mainly branded as Shell.

In addition, it has a large network for the sale of diesel, fuels, lubricants and asphalt to direct clients.

Renewable Energy

The projects currently underway involve the installation of photovoltaic panels.

DISA is also committed to autogas, the most widely used ecological fuel alternative to petrol worldwide.

In addition, aware of the importance of R&D+I, since 2007 and together with the universities of the Canary Islands, DISA has been developing a unique and innovative interdisciplinary project with a dual aim: to develop a biofuel from jatropha oil cultivated in the Canary Islands and the regeneration of degraded soils in the archipelago.

Liquid petroleum gas - LPG

DISA is the liquid petroleum gas operator in the Canary Islands. Its activities include the bottling and subsequent distribution of butane and propane, as well as bulk supply to industry, the hotel industry, agriculture and the automotive industry and mains distribution in the Canary Islands.

In 1953, DISA was the first Liquid Petroleum Gas (butane and propane) operator in Spain, becoming the first Spanish company to market the popular butane gas cylinder.

Currently DISA owns 7 plants that supply, store and bottle gas in the Canary Islands, and distributes 100,000 MT/year of LPG, both bottled and in bulk. It also has a wide door-to-door distribution network on the 7 islands of the archipelago.


Esta nueva empresa del Grupo DISA, dedicada a la comercialización de electricidad para hogares y empresas, nos permite completar al cien por cien nuestra oferta de servicios y productos energéticos.

Uno de los diferenciales principales de nuestra comercializadora de electricidad es que garantizamos que el origen de esta energía que vendemos es 100% renovable, proveniente de nuestros parques eólicos y plantas fotovoltaicas.

Además, el proceso contratación de servicios se puede realizar de manera 100% online. Con un número de clicks reducido y un diseño intuitivo que facilita el acceso y la navegación, a través de www.disaelectricidad.es cualquier persona puede contratar la comercialización de electricidad con nuestra compañía en menos de 5 minutos.

Operations Support

Transport and storage

DISA has a logistics division for the reception, storage and delivery of petroleum products such as petrol, diesel, fuel oil, asphalt, butane and propane throughout the islands of the archipelago.

It has storage facilities with a total capacity of 215,000 m³ on each and every one of the islands, as well as a fleet of 140 vehicles.

Shipping line

DISA also has a market-leading shipping line in the Canary Islands for the sea transport of oil-derived products.

The company has a fleet of six ships, all double-hulled, at the forefront of technology and meeting the highest specifications of quality, safety, speed and environmental protection, being the only Spanish shipping line in possession of the following certificates: ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety.