It is easy to say that, at the DISA group, Health, Safety and the Protection of the Environment are paramount, but now it is time to show it.

2008 saw the 75th Anniversary of the creation of Distribuidora Industrial, S.A. DISA, the original company, has continued to evolve, changing its organization, growing and prospering, meeting our customers' demands, and creating employment and prosperity in the different industrial areas it has worked.

Looking to the future we are faced with new challenges which will require new commitments: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and the culture of safety in which we work. We take these commitments very seriously because their use and the availability of products we sell are important for the economy, the environment and society in general.

The Declaration of Principles we have adopted is a symbol of our commitment to Safety, Health and the Environment.


The DISA GROUP is committed to::

  • Protecting people: employees, contractors, customers and the local environment.
  • Protecting the natural environment.
  • Managing areas associated with Safety, Health and protection of the Environment just as we do with every other key area of the business.
  • Promoting good practice in our industrial sector.
  • Using energy and materials in an efficient manner in the supply of products and the provision of services.
  • Making information about its activities publicly available.
  • Developing energy resources, products and services in a manner that is in accordance with these objectives.
  • Promoting a culture in which every employee shares and works towards these commitments.

We thus, with regard to Safety, Health and the Environment, hope to act in accordance with our Sustainable Development Principles, so that our employees can feel proud of what they do, to win the trust of our customers, shareholders and society in general, to be good, responsible citizens and to contribute to Sustainable Development.

Policies for Safety, Health, the Environment and Prevention of Work Risks

Companies within the DISA group:

  • Have a Safety, Health and the Environment management system integrated into their business model which ensures that their activity meets existing legislation and has the goal of continuous improvement.
  • Establish objectives for improvement, and measure, evaluate and communicate their performance with regard to them.
  • Implement preventative and corrective measures which cut down on risks at their source.
  • Provide the technical, human and economic means to implement these Policies.
  • Encourage participation and consult their employees on themes related to Health and Safety at work.
  • Include HSE activity in employee evaluations and provide rewards accordingly.
  • Require their Contractors to carry out HSE activity in line with these policies.
  • Request that the partner Companies over which they exert control apply these policies and use their influence to promote it for other business projects.