Canary Islands Canary Islands Service Stations.

Mainland Mainland Service Stations.

Ceuta and Melilla Ceuta and Melilla Service Stations.

Baleares Red de Estaciones de Servicio en Baleares

Andorra Red de Estaciones en Andorra

Portugal Red de Estaciones en Portugal

DISA sells fuel at service stations and has a wide network of points of sale for diesel, fuel oils, lubricants and asphalts to direct clients nationwide.

At present it has 558 service stations, 199 in the Canary Islands, most of which are branded as DISA, and 359 on the Spanish Peninsula, and in Ceuta and Melilla, mainly branded as Shell.

In addition, it has a large network for the sale of diesel, fuels, lubricants and asphalt to direct clients.