The Special Employment Centers were created by the Law of Social Integration of the Disabled (LISMI) to promote the labor insertion of people with disabilities in Spain.

Faithful to our commitment to society, from the DISA Group we support the labor insertion of this group based on our policy of equal opportunities, transforming some of our Service Stations into Special Employment Centers (CEE) where all workers have some type of disability.

In our desire to be an integrating vehicle within the society in which we operate, in the DISA Group we have been training and incorporating people with disabilities, providing theoretical and practical training for their personal and professional development within the company.

Special Employment Centres - Canary Islands

  • E.S. DISA Caletillas (S/C de Tenerife)
  • E.S. DISA Las Delicias (S/C de Tenerife)
  • E.S. DISA Chil (Las Palmas)
  • E.S. DISA Puerto de la Luz (Las Palmas)
  • E.S. DISA La Pardilla (Las Palmas)

Special Employment Centres - Mainland

  • E.S. Shell Las Tablas (Madrid)
  • E.S. Shell Los Majuelos (Madrid)
  • E.S. Shell Teja (León)
  • E.S. Shell Cerillero (Gijón)
  • E.S. Shell La Corredoría (Oviedo)
  • E.S. Shell Santa Marta (Salamanca)
  • E.S. Shell Luis de Góngora (León)