Piped Gas

Mains LP gas is the name for propane gas that is supplied through a distribution network composed of overground or underground pipes fed from a tank(s) where the gas is stored.

The gas reaches the residential, commercial or industrial building via pipes, allowing for a constant supply of gas, with consumption measured by a meter.

The distribution network passes underground when it is located in the roads of a residential area or an industrial estate, or overground when it is located on the interior or exterior façade of a building.

The meters may be placed individually, at the entrance to the residential, commercial or industrial building, or centralised in a meter cupboard in the case of a block of flats.

The main advantage of mains LPG is that it provides a constant supply of gas, avoiding the need for the client to order in advance, and it is billed via a meter, so the client pays for what he/she consumes, without needing to store gas in cylinders or tanks on the premises.