According to current regulations (R.D. 919/2006, ITC-JCG 07, Article 4.2) relating to the maintenance of installations that receive gas:

"Owners, or otherwise current users of the receiving installations that are not powered by distribution networks, are responsible for arranging a regular inspection of their installation, using for said inspection an authorised gas installation company according to ITC-JGC 09.

Said inspection must be carried out every five years and will cover everything from the gas tap up to and including the gas appliances, when the installed power is less than 70 kW, or from the gas tap up to but not including the gas appliances when the installed power is above that value."

With the aim of helping users carry out their regular inspection, DISA offers a Service, that includes a series of independent, legally established installation companies who carry out the regular inspections in line with DISA GAS' parameters of quality, guarantee and image.

The services of the Official DISA GAS Service can be requested either by email, by sending the application form that appears above, or by calling the DISA GAS Customer Service team. 900 53 31 14

DISA GAS also has a list of all legally established installation companies who can carry out the regular inspections, which the client may contact directly.