If you are a consumer of fuel for your industry or business, DISA will serve you through its Direct Sales Department, offering the best fuels that meet all the requirements of current legislation (R. D. 1728/1999 dated 12 November).

DISA has all the necessary means to guarantee the supply of its products, as the only supply company to be present throughout the Canary Islands, with our own factories on every island. Our in-house transport logistics guarantee the quality and volume of the product supplied.

We supply fuel, lubricants and asphalts of the highest quality throughout the Canary Islands. Our operations support and painstaking customer service guarantee a rapid and personalised delivery service to our clients' facilities.



Developed to meet the requirements of modern diesel engines in heavy and light vehicles.

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Gas oil

This is a high quality liquid fuel similar to diesel that is ideal for industry.

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Fuel oil

High-quality fuels for industrial use in furnaces, boilers, cogeneration engines, etc.

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Asphaltic bitumen suitable for the construction of roads.

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Bulk propane

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Our best assets: Quality and variety of products and a great dedication to customer service.

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