Application for a CONTRACT for the supply of BULK LPG:

These applications are relevant to those clients who have an installation for the storage and supply of bulk LPG and would like to contract the service.

The request for a contract can be made by sending the Application for a Contract by email or by calling the number: 900 12 12 00

Documents and information to be supplied by the client:

  • Photocopy of Identity document (ID card or passport) or CIF (fiscal ID number) for businesses. The address for which the service is being requested must also be supplied, as well as the telephone contact numbers.
  • Installation Project, stamped by the appropriate Professional Association, Final Certificate, including reports of the tests and trials carried out during the construction of the installation and certificates of the equipment installed and the materials used.
  • Certificate of the management of the works endorsed by the head of the same.
  • Details of the bank account for billing.
  • Contract for the maintenance of the installation.

Contracting procedure:

Once the aforementioned documentation has been received, the DISA Customer Service team will process it and will contact the client within 48 working hours to give the date and time of the inspection visit made prior to beginning the supply.

If the inspection visit is favourable, the inspector will give the following documents to the client:

  • Documentation relating to the installation (project and final certificate) stamped and signed by DISA.
  • Contract to Supply Gas.
  • Technical Inspection Sheet.